Crestron C2N-LCDB3 Multi-Purpose LCD Keypad (NEW)

標準價格 HK$1,780
標準價格 HK$3,931 零售價 HK$1,780
品牌: Crestron
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標準價格 HK$1,780
標準價格 HK$3,931 零售價 HK$1,780

The Crestron® C2N-LCDB3 Multi-Purpose LCD Keypad combines lighting, shades, climate, and media controls on one elegant, compact keypad.  Use one of the three convenient pushbuttons to recall preprogrammed scenes, complete with ambient lighting, open or closed shades, and streaming music.  Touch the capacitive hard keys located on the keypad’s screen to scroll through the four main screen pages.  Make lighting adjustments to specific rooms or fixtures on the lighting page.  Use the shades page to raise, lower, open, or close the Crestron shading solutions in the room.  View the current room temperature on the climate page and touch the screen’s hard keys to raise or lower the room’s temperature, turn the HVAC system’s fan on and off, and switch between heating and cooling modes.[1]  The media page displays the music track that is currently streaming.  From here, the user can switch between media sources, control the playlist, and adjust the volume.  The Multi-Purpose LCD Keypad gives users control over Crestron technologies within their home – all in a single, elegant, easy-to-install keypad!

Accurate Temperature Sensing
A correct reading of the room’s temperature is essential for accurate climate control.  The C2N-LCDB3 provides accurate temperature sensing with an internal temperature sensor.  Furthermore, it has a connection for a CHV-RTS remote temperature sensor,[2] ensuring truly precise readings.

The C2N-LCDB3 uses the dependable Cresnet wired network for communication between devices. Cresnet provides a simple solution for configuring and wiring keypads and sensors as part of any complete Crestron system. Cresnet is the communications backbone for Crestron lighting dimmers, keypads, shades, thermostats, and many other devices. This flexible 4-wire bus provides data communications and 24 Volts DC power for all of the devices on the Cresnet network.

Simple, Versatile Mounting
This LCD keypad installs easily into drywall and other surfaces via a 1-gang UK electrical box.  When installed, the keypad protrudes less than half an inch from the mounting surface.  The C2N-LCDB3 magnetically adheres to the mounting bracket, eliminating any visible screws and ensuring an ultra-clean appearance.

Key Features
  • LCD keypad with lighting, shades, climate, and media control capabilities
  • Three pushbuttons for programmable events and six hard keys for controlling connected technologies
  • LCD display with 16-bit high color and white LED backlights
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Input for CHV-RTS remote temperature sensor[2]
  • Cresnet® wired communications
  • Wall-mounting to 1-gang UK electrical box