Honeywell 951WG-WH Stubby 嵌入式磁性觸點開關

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品牌: Honeywell
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標準價格 HK$50
標準價格 HK$82 零售價 HK$50
The Honeywell 951WG is a miniature recessed contact with 12” wire leads. You can use the 951WG recessed contact to protect doors and windows from intrusion. As the included magnet is only 3/4” long, the 951WG is ideal for windows and doors that have a thinner frame such as casement windows and sliding windows. You can order the miniature recessed contact in your choice of white (951WG-WH) or brown (951WG-BR).

Just like all recessed door and window contacts, the 951WG must be installed in the frame of your door or window and the magnet for the 951WG must be installed in the door or window directly across from the contact. The recessed contact uses a Form A, SPST, normally closed internal reed switch with a contact rating of 300mA at 30VDC. When the magnet is close to the reed switch, the contact is energized and in the normally closed state. When someone opens the door or window, the magnet is separated from the contact and the contact switches to the open state which activates an alarm. Most recessed contacts, such as the Honeywell 944T, feature a standard magnet gap of 3/4” so that the magnet must be within 3/4” of the contact when the door or window is closed. However, the 951WG miniature recessed contact has a wide magnet gap of 1.25” so that you can use it with doors and windows that don’t close as tightly.

To install your Honeywell 951WG recessed contact, you must first drill a hole with a 3/8” diameter into your door or window frame. Next, you will have to run a (2) conductor alarm wire from your alarm control panel to the hole you just drilled. Feed the wire through the hole and splice the connection to the 12” zip cord that houses the (2) wire leads coming out the backside of the 951WG recessed contact. Press the 951WG into the hole until it is flush with the door or window frame. After installing the recessed contact, you must also install the corresponding magnet. Therefore, you will need to drill a matching hole directly opposite the contact. Press the magnet into the hole and your installation is complete. Now, when your door or window is closed, the magnet will be in close proximity to the contact and the alarm control panel will be happy. If someone opens the door or window while your security system is armed, an alarm will be triggered.

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