TOA PC-1860BS Ceiling Mount Fire Dome Speaker

標準價格 HK$150
標準價格 HK$330 零售價 HK$150
品牌: TOA
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標準價格 HK$150
標準價格 HK$330 零售價 HK$150


Ceiling Speaker


The ceiling speakers of the PC-series are suitable for announcements and BGM system use in high quality. The speaker’s design harmonizes with modern architecture and decor.

The PC-1860BS is equipped with a fire dome to protect it from fire and to prevent fire from spreading through the ceiling. Thus, the speaker is designed according to British Standard BS 5839-8: 2013 and EN54-24.

  • Flat front panel
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fire dome made of steel
  • Ceramic screw terminal block and thermal fuse
  • 6 W rated input
  • 12 cm speaker chassis