TOA MP-1216 Multi channel monitor

標準價格 HK$6,924
標準價格 HK$13,848 零售價 HK$6,924
品牌: TOA
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SKU: MP-1216
標準價格 HK$6,924
標準價格 HK$13,848 零售價 HK$6,924

The signal level meter allows simultaneous monitor of 16 channels per unit. Any of the high-impedance speaker line output, low-impedance speaker line output, and line level output can be monitored by connecting it to the corresponding input. One of the 16 channels can be monitored with an internal speaker or headphone. By connecting two MP-1216 units, a maximum of 32 channels can be monitored.

  • Multi Channel Monitor for 16 channels
  • Allows visual and aural monitoring
  • 2 units can be linked for up to 32 channels (with optional cable YA-8: 1 master monitor unit)
  • 12-segment LED meter with calibrated scale for each input
  • Audio monitoring of each channel through a built-in selector switch and loudspeaker
  • All inputs balanced and transformer isolated